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→WePut ItOffForAnotherDay
· Now that you mention it I could hear an…
Audio Review04-09-2010 · 04:35 PM
→I Wanna Funk You
· Cool song and your right it is very…
Audio Review04-08-2010 · 04:29 PM
→A Fifth of the Past
· Thanks PuppetXeno!!
Audio Review04-08-2010 · 10:47 AM
→words we throw away
· Thanks for the input Denis. I will have…
Audio Review04-08-2010 · 10:38 AM
→Indigo Disaster
· Wow this really helps me wind down. I…
Audio Review04-03-2010 · 09:08 AM
→words we throw away
· Thanks for the votes!!
Audio Review04-03-2010 · 08:48 AM
→words we throw away
· Thanks for the compliments/critiques. You…
Audio Review04-03-2010 · 07:53 AM
→A Ball And Chain
· Wow thats really cool. Kind of reminds me…
Audio Review04-01-2010 · 06:09 PM
→make your move
· Thanks for the comments/critiques. I do…
Audio Review04-01-2010 · 06:04 PM
→Reminds me of You
· I like it.. Kind of reminds me of the…
Audio Review04-01-2010 · 04:46 PM
→What Have You Done?!
· Sounds great. Can't wait to hear it with…
Audio Review03-24-2010 · 07:14 PM
→Lend Me Your Giants
· Kind of reminds me of Tom Petty doing an…
Audio Review03-24-2010 · 07:08 PM
→Better Than Green Pt 1
· It does remind me of early Pink Floyd. I…
Audio Review03-24-2010 · 07:02 PM
· I thought this was going to be an…
Audio Review03-19-2010 · 08:20 PM
→Lost Path
· Wow that is really unique. I'm glad to…
Audio Review03-19-2010 · 08:14 PM
· This sounds like it could be a really…
Audio Review03-19-2010 · 08:02 PM

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